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Transition 2020

Year 6 Transition to Year 7 at Denbigh High School

Welcome from our Acting Head Teacher

Dear Year 7 

Welcome to Denbigh High School. I am very proud to be the Acting  Headteacher at Denbigh High School and I am really excited to welcome you to one of the very best secondary schools in the country. 

Our vision at Denbigh High School is to sustain recognition as an outstanding school that demonstrates excellence in academic achievements and personal endeavour. We will ensure you are empowered with purpose and direction to become positive influencers on the local, national and global stage. We promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that you leave Denbigh as happy, respectful and creative young adults with an enthusiasm and thirst for their next chapter in life.

I hope your transition to Denbigh High is a smooth and enjoyable process, I look forward to seeing you in and around school.

Ms Pather | Acting Headteacher

You can view the letter sent home from Ms Pather here.

You can access Ms Pather's Virtual Welcome here.


Year 7 Head of Year & Transition Manager

Dear Year 7

Welcome to Denbigh High School. I am very proud to be the Head of Year 7 at Denbigh High  School. You are now part of a very special learning community. It is special because it is a very successful community where everyone achieves a great deal. We expect you to learn very effectively so that you will develop all the skills you need to get the most out of life and to get really good exam results when the time comes. Of course this means working hard in all your subjects, but it also means growing up to be polite, courteous and respectful, helpful to other people, a good leader and someone who gives just as much to the community as you get out of it. 

It is very important to us at Denbigh High that we all help each other to do well. That is why our core value statement is so important to us. You will see it around school a lot because we really mean it. I hope you have already memorised it, but if not, do so as soon as you can: ‘High achievement for all is our shared responsibility’

We are looking forward to working with you all and helping you reach your full potential. If you have any concerns or queries, please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Garricques at DEN_Transitions@denbighhigh.co.uk

You can view the Year 6 Welcome letter from the Head of Year 7 here.

Mrs Garricques | Year 7 Head of Year & Transition Manager


Mr Smith's Virtual Tour of our school

Dear Year 7,

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic your Year 6 transition day to Denbigh High School this year has to be slightly different. To help support you make a smooth transition to Denbigh High School we have created a Google Expedition where you can view the school virtually. You can access Mr Smith Virtual tour from here. 

In the virtual tour we have provided you with key information and pictures to help support any questions or worries that you might have in regards to making your transition to secondary school in September.

Please take the time to view our virtual tour, to find out more information about Denbigh High School, if you have any further questions please email DEN_Transitions@denbighhigh.co.uk

I look forward to meeting you all in person in September and helping to support your smooth transition into Year 7 at Denbigh High School.

Mr Smith | Assistant Headteacher for Behaviour, Attendance & Student Well-Being


Transition Information Booklet

Dear Year 6 students, parents and guardians,

Please find here the Transition Information Booklet that will provide you with all the key information you need when making a successful transition to Denbigh High School.













If you have any further questions about your child's transition to Denbigh High School please don’t hesitate to contact Denbigh High School on their transition email DEN_Transitions@denbighhigh.co.uk


Virtual Welcome

Please watch our Virtual Welcome event to find out more information about Denbigh High School and the transition process. 


































Summer Projects

Summer Project Booklets will be posted home to parents' during July for Year 6s to work on during the summer holiday.


Support For Learning

More information regarding the Support For Learning Department will be sent home via video message during July.