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Year 7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch up Premium

In 2013 the Government made a commitment to provide annual additional educational funding to schools for each Year 7 student who had not achieved the expected standard in mathematics; English reading; and English punctuation, spelling and grammar at Key Stage 2. The information on this page shows how we used this funding in the last academic year, the impact that it has made, and what we plan to do this year.

Key priorities:

  • Our core aim is to accelerate the progress of the students who finished KS2 having not met national expectations
  • We employ early intervention literacy and numeracy strategies to try to help students ‘catch-up’ with national expectations

2020/2021 cohort

We identified 25 students in the 2020/2021 cohort who we felt would be eligible for the funding and intervention as follows:

As there were no KS2 results available for this cohort we used CAT testing and GL assessment for English and maths to identify the target group.

  • Our key intervention strategy is our ‘Study Plus’ group
  • Targeted students in Year 7 have one extra lesson each week of both literacy and numeracy
  • These lessons take place instead of Modern Foreign Languages curriculum time
  • We have made the decision to prioritise this extra literacy and numeracy intervention as we know it will be the key to future success in all other subjects
  • These lessons are also supported by a Teaching Assistant
  • The study plus cohort in 2019/20 included 23 students

We recognise that this spending represents an overspend of the total income, but know that this expenditure is worthwhile for the benefit of these students.

Development and plans for 2020/21

The Government have stated that schools will receive the same amount of funding as they did in 2019/20 – for full details click here

Our plans for funding this year will be largely the same as in 2019/20:

  • To continue with the Study Plus initiative
  • To continue to provide in-class support with a Teaching Assistant
  • To continue to run our literacy and numeracy early intervention programmes led by our Teaching Assistants for targeted students.

2020/2021 cohort

We have identified that we have a large cohort of students who we feel would be eligible for this funding based on CAT testing and GL assessment for English and Maths.

  • There are 66 students who were below national expected standards in English using GL assessment retrospective reading level.
  • There are 62 students who were below national expected standards in Mathematics using GL assessment retrospective maths level.
  • There are 45 students who were below national expected standards in both using GL assessment retrospective levels (these students are included in the figures above).