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Behaviour for Learning

Students enjoy coming to Denbigh High School and the excellent relationships between staff, students and parents help to ensure that they make good progress in all subjects. Behaviour both in and out of lessons is exemplary and our high expectations are taught to students during the transition period when they first arrive at the school.

We also monitor student attitudes towards learning through our ‘Steps to Success’ programme where they receive a grade on the electronic register for good or outstanding work or effort as well as for any poor or undesirable behaviour. This allows staff to provide lesson-by-lesson feedback and is particularly useful for form tutors and year team leaders who reward the positive and challenge the negatives.





We were particularly impressed by Denbigh’s whole school approach to safeguarding and wellbeing. All staff play a key role in keeping children safe and protecting student mental health.
SSAT Peer Review | December 2020

Positive behaviour is consistently reinforced on a daily basis and the staff model appropriate behaviour in their interactions with each other and with the students. We also teach aspects of the citizenship curriculum where students learn the skills of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation and empathy, as well as social skills and there are assemblies where we celebrate these skills.

The Denbigh Code

A positive and encouraging school ethos is central to the promotion of good behaviour and our rewards system plays a motivational role in helping students to realise that good behaviour, while being the expected norm, is valued. Integral to the system of rewards is an emphasis on praise, both formal and informal, to individuals and groups. Rewards are given consistently, with at least five times as many rewards given out each week when compared to sanctions

Whilst we recognise and celebrate good behaviour, sanctions are also needed to respond to poor behaviour and we spend time explaining to individual students why any sanction is being applied and what changes in behaviour are required to avoid future sanctions. Students can then move forward positively in the spirit of reconciliation.

For further details about the way in which we manage behaviour at Denbigh High School please see our Behaviour Policy.