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  • Monday 21 September 2020 URGENT MESSAGE FOR YEAR 10 & 11 Monday 21st September 2020
  • Tuesday 15 September 2020 Nomination for Parent Governor We are electing for a new parent governor to join our Local Governing Body as part of the Chiltern Learning Trust's governance structure.
  • Monday 14 September 2020 URGENT MESSAGE FOR YEAR 7 Monday 14th September 2020
  • Friday 17 July 2020 “Does Playing Sport Make You Smarter?” Year 7 and 8 girls in Miss Blair and Miss Haines group were asked ‘Does playing sport make you smarter?’ this term. They were really impressed with the responses, here are some examples.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Girls PE Groups Questioning the Importance of a Healthy Lifestyle Miss Blair has been impressed by the hard work and determination from Year 7’s, 8’s, 9’s and 10’s during current homeschooling. In Year 7 and 8 students have been questioning healthy eating and in Year 9 and 10 coursework has been completed to high quality.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Denbigh Virtual Sports Day Sports day is always a big event at Denbigh, with two days of activities taking place on the school field including mascot walks, dances and songs this year due to the coronavirus pandemic Denbigh went digital for sports day.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 School Games Awards We are tremendously proud of the recognition of our commitment to sports throughout the year, including virtual sporting provision at this current time. We have received the School Games Award and the Virtual School Games Award this year.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Denbigh Student Gains 1st Place at Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech and Drama 2020 Anjum Murshed 71, gained First Place and a Distinction in the category Dramatic Solo - Year 7-8 in the Bedfordshire Festival of Music, Speech & Drama 2020. 
  • Friday 17 July 2020 What do you love, find terrifying, loathe, struggle with and really enjoy in Drama? Key Stage 3 students were asked the above question about studying Drama, over this page and the next are a few responses:
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Accelerated Reader Achievements This Year Well done to our Year 7 and 8 Accelerated Reader students who have persevered throughout the lockdown period and improved upon their Autumn term progress. 99% of Year 8 engaged in accelerated Reader and 97% of Year 7 engaged .
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Denbigh Digital Leaders 2020-21 Do you think you have what it takes to be a Digital leader?
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Spirited Arts Inter House Competition Students showed great school spirit and House pride by entering the ‘Spirited Arts’ competition led by the RE department. ‘Spirited Arts’ is a national competition run by NATRE for school children to express themselves in an artistic way. Students were able to choose from a variety of themes, including God’s good earth, Inspiring, Holy Words, Where is God? And Picturing Faith. For a chance of gaining national recognition and winning amazon vouchers, students were required to send in drawings, paintings, videos, sculptures or other media forms with a 400-word explanation of their art.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 'Young Geographer of the Year' Award This year the Geography inter house was to take part in the Royal Geographical Society’s Young Geography of the Year Award, which encouraged students of all ages to explore their local areas and view these places through the lens of Geography. Thinking and writing like a geographer is not only an essential skill for those studying the subject, but Geography provides young people with the key knowledge and skills that are required in the modern workplace. Geography also allows us to see and view the world around us in a multi-layered and interconnected way.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Science Squashed Tomatoes Activities This year students took part in the Squashed tomatoes STEM challenge during British Science Week. Students have given their feedback on the activities below:
  • Friday 17 July 2020 A Winning Year of STEM Activities A number of activities were carried out this year with the STEM coordinator, Ms Fazal, (Science).  These included SEN activities, an inter-house science competition with year 7 and 8, GEMS film making activities, Affinity Water visit, Tomato squash challenge and Affinity Save Water project.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Drama in Lockdown In Drama this last term we have looked at and listened to comedy and suspense.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 The Orwell Prize The Orwell Youth Prize is a yearly programme for 12-18-year olds concluding in a writing prize!
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Denbigh Virtual Bake Off! During lockdown the food technology department at Denbigh High put on a virtual Bake off competition for its Year 7s to gain House Points. There were many entries and all were at an incredibly high standard. This was a great opportunity for students to try something new and enhance their skills.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 PE Inter House Competition: What House can Walk, Jog or Run the Furthest? For this competition students and staff had to see which house could walk and run the most amount of miles. This competition definitely created a lot of competitiveness between staff! Each day the tables turned for which house was on top and which house was last.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 Inter House Competitions: The Winner! This year has seen some of the most creative and imaginative contributions of work to the inter house competitions.  All the Heads of Houses are incredibly proud of what has been achieved both pre and post lockdown. Students and staff have discovered hidden talents, and endeavoured to try something new.  We would like to thank all of the staff who have contributed to the running and organisation of all the competitions, and give a huge well done and thank you to the students who took part. 
  • Friday 17 July 2020 GEMS: Girls in Engineering, Maths and Science Club This year the GEMS have been investigating the variety of STEM roles involved in film making. They explored the use of polymers in creating prosthetics. In this project the GEMS took on the role of make up artists and used a variety of techniques to create their chosen looks.
  • Friday 17 July 2020 The Science Roadshow 2020 There was some really exciting science taking place throughout the last academic year and something that I will always remember will be the Cambridge Science Centre Roadshow that took place back in January.  The hall and parts of the T-block were turned into what looked like some sort of control centre with students interacting with different activities helping them explore how electromagnetism is used in everyday life! Electromagnetism is a really difficult concept to understand but it is so relevant to the 21st century with electric cars, wireless chargers, electric motors all using it. Feedback from students was really positive and it was lovely to see how engaged they all were with the activities. 
  • Thursday 16 July 2020 Excellence Evening 2020 In recognition of the outstanding achievements of Denbigh High School students during the 2019-2020 academic year.
  • Thursday 16 July 2020 End of Term Thank You Please see the end of term thank you from Adrian Rogers, CEO of the Chiltern Learning Trust.
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